An innovative and visionary, serial entrepreneur, Dr.V.D.Agarwal is the chairman of Pushpanjali Group. He is been the chief architect, who laid down the foundations of the group in 1985, and since then have been pioneering, real estate, healthcare, education and media industry. His leadership has catapulted Pushpanjali group from a new emerging business entity in 80’s to an established brand, becoming synonym of trust and repute in preceding years.

His journey has been a heroic triumph over challenges, adversities and hurdles. His positive and progressive approach has made it possible, where he has been a source of inspiration for his fellows and followers, who look up to him for strong willpower, righteous approach and clear vision. He is always been ideating and implementing his larger vision, which can bring social good and change the face society.

Dr.V.D.Agarwal has always positioned education as a key component of social change and healthy growth. Way back during his school days, he use to travel by foot, ten kilometers every day to be at his school. His passion for studies made him a student with distinction in five subjects in board exam of 8th standard.

Besides his various business enterprises education and social welfare has been key area of his endeavor. He started a Girl’s Degree College in Kagarol as their was no center of higher education for girls in this area. After successful management of girl’s degree college, a C.B.S.E board school was established in order to make a competent generation from educational perspective, in the rural area of kagarol. Group is already running a nursing college inAgracatering 200 nursing staff annually to health care industry. While his vision of educating rural population and imparting technical and vocational education to urban youth is championed by these institutions, his philanthropic approach has been reaching the lowest strata of society. In this direction he is running a charitable school in which primary and secondary education is imparted to kids free of cost.
Dr. V.D. Agarwal has been champion of thinking global and acting local. He believes that small initiatives can bring the change in society and nation, where we need to act not react. He believes that change is a process, which grows if you have firm belief in your principles and goals.



SKLGD managed by a non-profitable charitable trust organization called KLGD Educational Trust.
Members of this trust are-

  • Shri V.D. Agarwal (Chairman)
  • Mr. Rajesh Gupta (Vice-Chairman)
  • Mrs. Geetika Agarwal (Manager)
  • Mrs. Nidhi Agarwal (Treasurer)
  • Mr. Chittarmal Agarwal (Vice-Manager)
  • Mr. Lalit Bansal (Member)
  • Dr. Kuldeep Rai Kapoor (Member)

Trust members had given all the rights to manage the school to manager Mrs. Geetika Agarwal, so the school can run smoothly.


Right Education should help the students, not only to develop his capacities, but to understand his own highest interest. This is what I personally feel about the education. Me Mrs.Geetika Agarwal manager of SKLGD Public School welcome you at our school website. This school is a tribute from my father in law Dr V.D. Agarwal in the loving memory of his parents Late Shree Kunji Lal Ji and Shrimati Gulkandi Devi Ji. My father in law was born and brought up in Kagarol only. After then he moved to Agra set up his business empire. But the memories of native place never fade away from his heart. To come once again closure to his native place he thought of starting a CBSE English medium school over here with all the facilities that are not available in a rural area school. Then comes the SKLGD Public School in its alive format.
When I come in this school premises in year 2012 it was my first visit in a village. At that time I never thought that I would so deeply indulge myself in this educational temple. Now it’s a life long passion for me. I got so much respect and love from the students and support from parents I would always be obliged for that. I am managing this school since it was under the soil like a seed. Now its growing like a small plant, soon it will grow like a big tree, the journey will continue like this only.

Our aim to open this school was to provide proper education in the rural area. First challenge we had crossed when we got affiliation within a year, now we aim to build and nurture a community of thinking, compassionate citizens, who are committed to living with responsibility, learning with enthusiasm and balancing a strong work ethos with a sense of play. It is our mission to ensure that in a safe, tranquil, stimulating and intellectually challenging environment. All students shall have ample opportunity to attain skills and attitudes for life in a rapidly changing world. Challenges are too many but with all support and valuable suggestions we got from your side we will definitely achieve pure goal.




Welcome and thank you for visiting the principal’s page for Shree Kunji Lal Gulkandi Devi public school.
I have served our school community for the last year as principal and I am humbled and static to transtition into the role of principal. It has been my pleasure to serve students, parents, faculty and staff in the diverse and dynamic.
As a third-generation educator and parent, I have a deep appreciation for students cognitive, social emotional development, civic responsibility, appreciation of fine arts and athleticism. I eagerly support our teachers as they collaborate with each other to prepare Shree Kunji Lal Gulkandi Devi students for the best high schools & colleges and most importantly the school of life.
Please come visit and introduce yourself when you see me at the school or in the community, weather you’re interested in learning more about our balanced literacy program and other academic offerings or simply visiting a place where learning is innovative, exciting and reflective of excellence!
We’re thankful for our history and excited about our future. There’s no doubt that
“Shree Kunji lal Gulkandi Devi” is the premier choice of education in entire agra region. We are changing the world- one student, one community, one vision!

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