The syllabus for Entrance Test

Playgroup: A children seeking admission should be able to speak audibly and distinctly. Some homely preparation of the child will be preferred.
Class Subject
Prep-I English Maths Hindi G.K.
Capital alphabet A-Z written and oral.
Fill in the blanks A-Z
Dictation A-Z
Numbers 1-100 written and oral.
Fill in the blanks 1-50
Count and write 1-20. Dictation 1-50
अ – ज्ञ written and oral
Fill in the blanks अ – ज्ञ
Dictation अ – ज्ञ
1. what is your name?
2. What is your father’s name?
3. What is your mother’s name?
4. Five fruits name.
Prep-II English Maths Hindi G.K.
Small alphabet a-z written and oral.
Fill in the blanks a-z
Three letter words with (a, e, i, o, u) written.
Numbers 1-150 (written and oral)
Fill in the blanks 1- 100
Write in words numbers 1-10.
Tables 2-5
Addition & Subtraction of one digits,
What comes after, before, between (1-100)
अ – ज्ञ तक written.
Fill in the blanks अ – ज्ञ तक
(Written) दो – चार अक्षर वाले शब्द
1. Fruits name.
2. Vegetables name.
3. Parts of body.
4. Birds name.
5. Animals name.
Class-I English Maths Hindi G.K.
Vowels, opposites, fill in the blanks with the use of (in, on, over, under) use of (is, are, am) correct the spelling. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, Division, Less than greater than. 1. मात्राओं का प्रयोग ।
2. स्वर ओर व्यंजन छांटना ।
3. बहुवचन बनाना ।
4. विलोम शब्द ।
5. शब्दों को ठीक करके लिखना ।
6. शब्द मिलाना ।
Questions relating to:
1. Myself or my family
2. My country
3. Fruits name
4. Parts of body
5. Air
6. Days, months and time.
7. Animals name
Class-II English Maths Hindi G.K.
Complete the word, fill in the blanks, use of “Is, am, are, my, your, his, her”. Opposites, Singular-Plural, Use of preposition, to make words from the given letters, vocabulary, Reading comprehension, True/False. Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Numerals 1-500, Less than and greater than, Length, Weight, Capacity. संयुक्ताक्षर शब्द, वाक्य, वचन, अनुस्वार व विसर्ग का प्रयोग, उपर्युक्त शब्द छांटकर वाक्य पूरा करना, शब्दार्थ, दिए हुए शब्दों से वाक्य बनाना । My country, My body, My house, My family, My school, Games, Great Indians, The animal world, Some common birds , Fruits, Vegetables, Insects, Choose the odd ones, Places of worship, Our festivals, Living and non-living, Means of transport, Matching.
Class-III English Maths Hindi G.K.
Use of “Some, any, how much, how many, never, always”. Mixed tenses, Complete the words using prefix and suffix, Opposites, Vocabulary, Comprehension. Numbers-expanded notations, Place value, Addition, Subtraction, Length, Weight, Capacity, Multiplication, Division, Time, Money. लिंग, क्रिया, कर्ता, उपर्युक्त शब्दों को छांटकर वाक्य पूरा करना । शब्दों को शुद्ध रूप में लिखना । पर्यायवाची शब्द, शब्दार्थ, दिए हुए शब्दों से वाक्य बनाना । India- My country, Some famous buildings in India, The animals and plants world, world of birds and insects. Sense organs, Work and people, The earth and the sky, Music, Match with Respective about religion, Puzzle, Machine and daily use.
Class-IV English Maths Hindi G.K.
Relative clauses, Collective nouns, Compound nouns, Correcting spelling, alphabetical order, Antonyms, Punctuation, Connected words, Affixes with ‘ment’, ness words which go together ( e.g. thick and thin ), Opposites with “U, in” and “mis”, warnings with “if” , Matching workers with things they work, adjective degrees, Noun clauses, Comprehension, Test of writing skill. Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Factors and Multiples, Money, Time, Length, Weight, Capacity. मात्राओं की सामान्य अशुद्धियाँ, सर्वनाम, विशेषण, काल, कारक, पर्यायवाची शब्द, विलोम शब्द, किसी सामान्य विषय पर पत्र लेखन, मुहावरे, शब्दार्थ । India-Our Country, Indian Presidents and Prime Ministers, Our earth, All about festivals, Sports and Games, Our food, the animals world, Our body, Solar system, professionals, Some abbreviations, Shelters and homes, The odd one, What and where ?, Climate and Weather, Puzzle, Religious books, Common Trade names.
Class-V English Maths Hindi G.K.
Identifying odd in a group, Matching the words to the things they are associated with, infinitive, adverbs with ‘ly’ , Prepositions, adjective, Mixed tenses, Use of ( Often, sometime, never ), Use of since and for, Conditional sentences, Ad verbal clauses, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Test of Writing skill. Decimal Fractions, Comparison of fraction, Addition of fraction, Subtraction, Factors and Multiples, measures of Length, Mass and capacity, Simple Addition, Subtraction and Division. क्रिया, काल, अव्यय, क्रिया विशेषण, सम्बन्ध बोधक वर्तनी की सामान्य अशुद्धियाँ, विलोम तथा पर्यायवाची शब्द, वाक्यांशों के लिए एक शब्द, वाक्यों को शुद्ध करना, निबंध लेखन । Animals and Plants, Language and Literature, Science and technology-Inventions, Scientist, Instruments, InfoTech, space exploration, Diseases, States of matter, environment, Pollution, The world around us, Famous Indians in History, Nick Names, Famous Monuments, Cities on River Banks, Sanctuaries and Parks, Dance styles, Sports and Entertainment, Brain Teasers.
Class-VI English Maths Hindi G.K.
Matching words and phrases to their meaning (so that / to), Suffixes with – (able, our, some) Gerunds, irregular Plurals, Question tags, interchange of Active and Passive voice, Homonyms e.g. (male – mail), Adjectives, Adverbs, Preposition, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Writing skill. Large Numbers, Factors and Multiples, Fraction, Decimals, Metric measures, Money, Simplifications of numerical expressions, Rounding numbers, Area and volume, Average, Unitary method, Ratio, Percentage, profit and loss, Simple interest, Temperature. संज्ञा के विकारी तत्व, लिंग, अविकारी शब्द, अवव्य, पर्याय, विलोम, अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द, वाक्यों को शुद्ध करना, मुहावरे, निबंध लेखन । Our earth, The United Nations Organization, National flags and emblems, Animals and Plant world, Sports and Games, Inventors and discovers, World famous Rivers, Sanctuaries, National Parks, River projects, Odd one out, Indian defense services, What and Where ? Analogies.
Class-VII English Maths Hindi G.K.
Structure containing polite requests, Commands, doubts and fears, prepositions, Question tags, Compound adjectives, Active-Passive voice, Direct-Indirect speech, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Writing skill. Natural numbers and whole numbers with their operation system of integers (Absolute value, Addition, Subtraction division, Properties and Simplification). तत्सम् व तदभव शब्द, प्रत्यय, सामाजिक शब्द, विशेषण का प्रयोग, कारक छांटना, विलोम तथा पर्यायवाची शब्द, वाक्यों को शुद्ध करना, निबंध लेखन । Our earth, the solar system, Indian-Constitution, President, Countries and their Parliaments, The world of plants, Historical years, U.N.O., Great explorers and discovers, Abbreviations, Odd one out, Famous battles and wars, Authors and their Books, Sports and Games, space reach, Terminology, When and Where ? I-Q Test, Who and What? Riddles and Puzzles, Who’s who ?
Class-VIII English Maths Hindi G.K.
Synonyms ( e.g. anxious, elated ) multiple choice, Tenses present Perfect/Present perfect progressive, Simple Past/Past perfect, Conjunction, Writing notices, Mixed tenses, Simi lies metaphors, Suffix (less), Letter writing, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Inter change of Active/Passive, Direct-Indirect speech. Operations on rational numbers, Decimal representation of rational numbers, Percentage and their application, Volume and surface area of rectangle, Triangle ( Types, Properties ), Algebraic expressions ( Factorization, Multiplication of Bio and Mono nominal ). विराम चिन्ह, सम्मोचरित, भिन्नार्थ शब्द, विलोम तथा पर्यायवाची शब्द, वाक्यों को शुद्ध करना, निबंध लेखन । The world, Some leading countries, India and her states, kings and their dynasties, British rule in India, Indian Independence, the Indian Constitution, U.N.O, Human body, The world of Science, Geographical terms, Books and Authors. Who is who? Mythology, Conquest of space, The Animal world, Medical field, Different Sciences, Sports world, I.Q. Test.
Class-IX English Maths Hindi G.K.
Verbs (mixed tenses), Adverbs, Conjunctions Use of many much, Antonyms e.g. ( diverge – converge ) Adjective formation, ‘being’ clauses, relative / reflexive pronouns, Derivatives from root words, Conversion of Active/Passive voice, Direct/Indirect speech, Simple into compound, Complex sentences, Comprehension writing skill. Cube and cube roots, Exponents and radicals, Application of percentage, Polynomials, Volume and Surface Area of solids, Area of circle, Identities and factorization, Area of solids. संधि विच्छेद, पर्याय, विलोम शब्द, मुहावरे, वाक्यों को शुद्ध करना, अपठित पद्य, पत्र या निबंध लेखन । World, Some countries of the world, India and her states, Important Indian cities and towns, India’s Neighbors, Geography, Indian History, The world of Science, The Plant World, Human Body, Animal World, Diseases, Top of the world, memorable dates and events, Quotable Quotes, Literary field, Games and sports, I-Q Test.

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