We understand the importance of a classroom in a student’s life, our classroom at SKLGD help create an initiative and a nurturing learning environment, they promote learning experiences with their furniture, teaching aids, display boards, wall decorations or anything present in class. Our furniture and teaching aids are child friendly.



This is the Information Technology era we are living in, computers have totally changed the way of living and learning. We at SKLGD believe that without the knowledge of computers one cannot step the ladder of success, at SKLGD we have a full equipped computer lab with well-trained and qualified staff to support the students to learn the computers.



I hear, I forgot, I see, I remember , I do, I understand.
The science lab experiences provide opportunities for students to interact directly with the material or with data drawn, using the tools, data collection techniques, models and theories of science. Our labs are well equipped with the latest apparatus to solve their queries.



To facilitate directed discovery, learning and develop analytic thinking, we have provided the students with a well-equipped Maths Lab, our highly qualified and experienced maths faculty imports a strong logical orientation to the entire learning experience.



History always tells a story, at SKLGD to facilitate a better learning experience, we provide a S.S.T. Lab, so that students can learn with the help of pictures, videos, maps, globes, 3-D images and get a more clear understanding of history and geography.



Students always better understand when we see topic in a visualize format, at SKLGD we have two smart classes so that teachers can provide vast and interactive information on difficult topics from internet in audio/video format. This makes students to understand their chapters in a easy way.



A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life, books are the best friends of a student, the more that you read the more things you will know.
At SKLGD we provide a huge library of 1532 sq.ft. in size, we have at least 5 periodicals, 4 dailies, a least 2000 reference books we have class-wise, 5-6 no. of magazines used to come every month based on current topics and general knowledge, so many moral story books to teach students, moral values in life, we have a different reference section for the teachers at the library so they can give extra knowledge and information to the students other than the course books.



Our health unit monitor the general physical development of our children and provide immediate first and treatment if needed. Check-ups for dental, eyesight, weight and height management are conducted on regular basis. This benefit’s in identifying any problem at the very initial stage. Discussion session with the experienced Reginae are held for the growing girls to solve their queries.
The school has a tie-up with Pushpanjali Hospital and Research Center, Agra, in case of an unbound requirement of advance medical facilities.



At SKLGD, students come from different towns, some of them are too far away from school. Hence we provide bus and auto facility for the students. This solves total security issue of parents. We have valid license and they are trustworthy also.

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