The principal goal of education is to create individual who are capable of doing new things, not simply of reporting what other generations have done. This is the MOTTO of our school to provide value based education to every student by which he/she can achieve new parts of success in life.
Our vision behind the school is to provide education in rural area in order to improve literacy level of our villages. While academics is the core area of our attention, we work just as keenly on providing active and varied co-curricular experiences to all our children so that they shape into confident, skilled and knowledgeable persons in the happy environment of school.


The school campus is strategically designed to provide an ideal and secure environment for its students.

  • The campus has large open spaces as well as appropriately planned building for pre-primary, middle and senior classes, providing ample space for outdoor as weel as indoor activities.
  • Area of school campus is 2 acres or 8100 sq.mts., build up area is 1250 sq.mts.. Area of playground is sq.mts.
  • School is surrounded by lush green belts to provide a pollution free and healthy enviroment for the students.
  • The forms and colours of the building have carefully been designed to provide mental stimulation for children.
  • Interior spaces throughout the school are child-friendly with no sharp edges or rough spaces.
  • Space for the indoor and outdoor sports facilities.
  • Silent generators are installed to assure a constant effective power supply.
  • Fire alarms and fire fighting system adds to the security.
  • Spacious airy classrooms with adequate furniture for the students.

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